The mission of Scholarista is to make education more accessible, and part of that is providing scholarships to people pursuing higher education. Ten percent of every purchase made with Scholarista goes towards the Scholarista Scholarship Fund to provide these scholarships. Scholarista is just getting started on this mission and will provide its first scholarship once the fund has reached $500. You can follow along on reaching $500 on the chart below (last updated 7/21/19).

Once the chart above is completely filled in the first scholarship will be launched. If you would like to receive information about applying for the first scholarship once it is launched leave your email here.

A quick note about how we calculate the amount of each purchase that goes into the scholarship fund: The ten percent comes from the subtotal of your purchase, which is the amount before taxes and shipping are added, but after coupons have been applied. So for example, if you are buying something for $10 and have a 20% off coupon then your subtotal is $8 and 80 cents will go towards the scholarship fund. Each package comes with a card with the amount of money your purchase contributed to the scholarship fund so no need to actually calculate it yourself. If you ever have any questions about this just let us know!